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Determine Your Style

As much as we like to say it doesn’t matter, looks do matter. Clothes and accessories make an impression about who we are. It is very important for each of us to come into our own style. If you are comfortable in your look, then you will feel more confident in who you are.

First impressions can only happen once. You want to portray who you are with your looks. The look you had in your teen years won’t help convey how you look in your 30’s. You can readjust your look to better reflect who you are today. It is essential to update your clothes and overall look that fits your current style. Here are a few ideas to accomplish your style:

  • You should have several interchangeable pieces in your wardrobe that identify your style. This will make it easier for you to put together different outfits for different occasions. Knowing what color works best for you, helps to reflect your style as well. You will want to incorporate what colors works best with your skin tone and what makes you feel great. Note what colors make your eyes brighter and skin glow more. Watch out for colors that make you look tired or washed out.

  • Accessories have a way of adding diversity to your wardrobe. You can wear the same outfit with different accessories and, in doing so you can make a whole new look for yourself. Accessories can also keep your outfits looking fresh.

  • When you figure out your style, your colo rs and what accessories works best for you, then you need to go shopping. Start by knowing what you are looking for before you go. While your style might be one way, you might have specialty accessories or shoes that will enhance your style a little. For example if you are a tee shirt and jeans person, adding a fun purse, a piece of jewelry or shoes can bring a whole new meaning to your outfit. Know what you are looking for before shopping will make the shopping experience must

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