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New! ULTRA™ by PFB Vanish

Corrects, Heals, and Brightens Skin - 4 Skin Lighteners and Powerful Bump Fighters!

This new formula was designed for the mature client with deeper and more stubborn dark spots. Enhanced with antioxidant power to provide even more brightening and protective properties, ULTRA™ will become your ultimate anti- aging body care product. It will provide relief of ingrown hair, razor burn and bumps resulting from waxing, shaving, electrolysis, laser, sugaring, tweezing and threading, in addition to providing anti-inflammatory effects and regulating the pH of skin; two critical features of a post-hair removal serum.

ULTRA by PFB Vanish has stronger protective, moisturizing and regenerating effects on the skin, and an enhanced ability to correct, brighten and protect from skin imperfections with four powerful skin lightening ingredients: shiitake mushroom, white water lily flower, plankton extract, and Chromabright. The convenient, soothing, roll-on applicator is ideal for use on any area of the body. This is a powerful anti-aging, antioxidant loaded formula formulated to address even the most troublesome hair growth.

For best results, use once or twice a day on clean skin. You may then layer skin care and sunscreen as part of your daily/nightly regime. Expect to see maximum results in 5-8 weeks.

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